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Alex & Luke

My most recent client maternity session, and what a dream they were. Still being relatively new to Canberra, I searched and searched for a location, only to find this one just up the road from my place, and it is definitely everything I love about a shoot locations - big open space, long grass, bit of a little adventure walk to get there, all of the good things.

I just wanted to touch on a few things that most people do ask before a maternity shoot, which you will see in these images.

What to wear? Well, anything you're comfortable in is the most important thing. I like to keep it simple, clean and fresh, whites, beiges, light browns, denim or any warm tones in the right season. I have a client wardrobe which all mamas are able to choose from for their shoot, I also have a few items for kids that will work together if you're stuck for ideas or don't want to buy everyone a new outfit for your shoot. Partners are easy, a simple button up white shirt or plain tee if a button up isn't your style, with jeans or chinos always look good.

But remember, if you're happy to be there and be yourselves, it doesn't really matter what you're wearing.

Another common question I get is, what underwear should I wear? Once again, anything you're comfortable in is important. I would suggest beige/skin tone coloured undies for wearing under any of the gowns I have, as they are mostly see through, and then any special ones you would like to bring yourselves, we can shoot whatever ones you like on the day. This is the shoot to celebrate you and the incredible things your body can do, growing a whole entire human is a fucking amazing thing, so let's embrace it and you'll be amazing no matter what.

Mama was well prepared, she brought a few outfits, a sweet little hat and a denim jacket (fabulously modelled by Luke) and I brought along some gowns too, you can choose what you want on the day to suit how you're feeling. As my mum always says, it's better to be looking at it than looking for it!

Enjoy the day, embrace the moment, smile, laugh, cuddle and be yourselves and I can guarantee you'll have only good memories every time you look back through your maternity photos.


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